Real wood wall panels

Panels from the WOOD COLLECTION are a real challenge for the infinite creativity of decorators and designers by the possibility of various decorative applications – not only as wall panels. Allowing for a wide range of decorative applications – not only as wall panels. In minimalistic arrangements the structured walls are perfectly complemented by the rawness of the wood, in the form of the decorative PURE panels. Using simple and innovative design solutions and aesthetic values of the WOOD COLLECTION panels, we can decorate sliding doors to the living room or any other part of the house in an original way.

Quadro mini

The original decorative panels in the line of WOOD COLLECTION are the perfect way to change any interior into a remarkable place. Made completely from natural raw materials. The WOOD COLLECTION panels are a uniform product and have a single coherent dimension, allowing you to fill out any space precisely. This makes it easy to fit several elements to each other. An additional huge advantage of the panels are modular packages and simple installation.